Let a Handyman in Concord Test your Home for Air Leakage

Did you know that a few simple upgrades to your windows, Handyman For Home Solutionsdoors and light bulbs can save you hundreds of dollars on your energy bill year after year? Most homeowners aren't aware of that fact that their home has very poor energy efficiency. Hot and cold air leak in and out of most homes like a sieve. Our handyman group offers a series of diagnostic tests to discover how much air is leaking from the home and where it is leaking from. The first is called a blower door test which forces air through the home and measures how much air is leaking out. The second test uses an infrared camera to see which specific locations on the exterior of the home are warm and appear to be leaking hot air.

Let your Concord Handyman Reseal Your Home

Roofing RepairsOnce these basic tests are complete, our guys go into the home and to perform several basic, yet highly effective upgrades. Typically, new weather stripping is installed around windows and interior door jams to prevent air from leaking. In addition, caulking around exterior windows and doors is applied to create a tight seal around the home. Most importantly holes in attics and basements are sealed up to prevent hot air from escaping upward and cold air from entering into the house from below. These areas are the low hanging fruit that can be easily sealed to increase energy efficiency and save hundreds of dollars in heating and cooling costs each year.

If you have an older home, there may also be a risk that your general insulation is poor, since many older homes were built before people took utility costs seriously. Replacing your home's insulation may cost you some in the short term, but it can make the summers and winters more comfortable, save you more money, and even increase the value of your home. Call your handyman in Concord today to learn how he can fix your aging house.